About Us


BLACK&WHITE is an electronic dance music label and management agency specialising in House music. Although in the works since 2017, we recognise 2020 as the true start of our journey. In the first half of 2020, our releases have garnered over 10M streams on Spotify alone, where they have been streamed in hundreds of countries, supported by editorial playlists, and received attention from major labels. In May, we opened our artist management programme, which now provides 360 supports to three artists. We expect to expand this program throughout this year.

Stay connected here: info@blackandwhitemusic.eu

  • Alex Mesa Sáez
    Managing Partner | Head of A&R
  • Mark Krupnikovs
    Managing Partner | Head of Operations
  • Robin Bjorkskog
    A&R Assistant
  • Denys Haraiev
    Web designer
  • Egor Polyakov
    Motion designer
  • Juan Pablo Mendilla
    Graphic Design
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